Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Who doesn’t love a good drink once in a while? But then there are those who overdo it to the point of alcoholism, and are looking quit their overindulgence yet don’t know how to pursue it.

If you are serious about dumping the booze, then you will no doubt need some guidelines to not only help you quit drinking, but help you do it fast and stay off it altogether. Of course, this is not without your own conviction involved. You have to be willing to make lifestyle and habitual changes to get away from it all.

If you’re ready, then you can proceed onward.

  • Throw Out All Alcohol

If you have alcohol in your homes, throw it out! That includes anywhere you may have it stashed.

Like a liquidation, everything must go. Don’t be tempted to drain the swamp by consuming it; just throw the alcohol out and wipe everything clean. Once you do that, you will at finally have some personal space where the booze doesn’t exist.

  • Avoid Alcoholic Establishments

You have to stop going to bars, including restaurants with bars.

Start with avoiding the local watering hole, and force yourself to find somewhere else to go. Replace that with visits to diner or a coffee shop and fight the urge.

You’ll find that if you can just get away from places that serve alcohol, the non-accessibility to gain alcohol will maintain your sobriety as the new normal you.

  • Join AA

This is not a speedy thing, but the joining process can be. Locate an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting near you, and simply go to it. You’ll find that there are others who also have the same drinking problem, and you can pair up with them to support a good fight.

Believe it or not, you can end up meeting lifelong friends and people that will help you avoid drinking at these meetings. There are many success stories of attendees who have been sober for decades, and they can help you get on the right path to the right destination.

  • Consider Anti-alcohol Medicines

Did you know that there are prescription medications that can help you quit drinking? These just may be the magic pills you have been looking for to help you never pick up another bottle. There are Antabuse, Campral, and Revia.

How they work is make your body unable to process alcohol. You will get hit with a severe side effect which are deliberately meant to cause you to stop drinking.

As a disclaimer, talk to your doctors first because people who take these medications will have violent episodes of gastrointestinal elements, and more. It’s simply a medication that forces the body to repel alcohol.

  • Stay Away from Enablers

On your quest to abandoning the alcohol, you will need to stop hanging around people who drink, like literally cut them out of your life, even if it’s painful to do so because will be tempted.

The goal here is to quit drinking, and by doing this is going to help you do just that.  Take time away from them, and isolate yourself without any alcohol; it will help your quest.

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