The are many folks out there who challenge themselves daily to be better than who they were yesterday. You are obviously one of those highly motivated self-challengers to even be here with us…but have you ever thought about sharing what you know on your own self-discovery to the world?

Well, why not challenge yourself to write for us? That’s right! This is your opportunity to get into the proverbial ring and be a great teacher to other self-educators. You can write for us, and we will publish your thoughts on the site.

Not sure about whether or not this is for you? Consider a few reasons why you should jump on board as a guest writer for this website.

Get Increased Exposure and Your Build Portfolio.

When you write for us, you get to diversify your portfolio across multiple different published platforms for increased exposure and with credit linking back to your other works, social profile, and website. You are expanding your reach and gaining new audience that otherwise you would not have, simply by publishing your articles with us.

Get Real Reader’s Feedback and Improve Your Own Skills.

You may have some talent, and you may have some writing under your belt, but if nobody knows about it, you will never realize the true measure of what you are capable of. When you publish with us, you get to put yourself out there for other’s reception to help you further polish your skill set to get better at what you are doing.

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You can influence another person today and give insights into how to do things that others can’t. Every voice is unique, and this is your chance to throw your knowledge into the mix. You will find that your expertise could very well change the life of one of our readers, which is why we are inviting you to jump in and write for us.


Guideline 1: Must be original content that hasn’t been and will not be published elsewhere.

Guideline 2: Must be a minimum of 400 words of useful content that offers helpful information fitting for the site.

Guideline 3: Must be solely created by you or you are the permissive responsible submitter not violating any rights. All submissions will be under our new ownership to do whatever we may.

If you are creative, and you have an opinion, then we want to hear from you. You’ll find that it is rewarding in so many possible ways than you can imagine.

At the end of it all, this is an invitation to join the challenger’s arena to be heard and help others at the same time. Be that new challenger today!