How to Write an Effective Research Paper in an Hour

One of the most essential skills you need in this day and age is none other than writing. If you can write exceptionally well, you can do a great deal of good for yourself, especially for any job you may have.

Now, in regards to academics, writing is a premier form of testing whether or not you have the knowledge to continue in your discipline or major. Writing research papers is a standard norm in which all students have to wrestle with sooner or later to progress academically.

If you want to learn how to write an effective research paper in an hour, the following steps are critical. With this, you can compile a great paper, fast.

STEP 1: Set Up Your Outline

First and foremost, you will need to start with an outline.

Your outline should have a thesis statement, 3 to 5 paragraphs of proof, and then a conclusion.

Write out a paragraph you want to start with, lay out substantial arguments to prove your point.

For example, if you’re going to write a paper on the assassination of JFK, you should have an opinion that is stated as a fact, such as “JFK was shot by several individuals, not one” now requiring proof based upon your research.

STEP 2: Find Your Sources

Since you’re limited in regards to time, your sources are going to have to come quickly, and through scholarly research.

There are two methods that you can employ to pull out sources.

  • The first is simply to go to Wikipedia and look up the topic that you want to explore. Once you get there, look at the footnotes and points that are made in the article, and you will realize that there are cited references that you can go to. Go to those references and use them as your proof.
  • The next method is just as easy, and it’s to use “Google Scholar.” This will search academic papers, journals, books, and more. Use that to cite your sources, and make your arguments as to the thesis that you are presenting in your essay.

STEP 3: Write the Essay

After you’ve compiled the aforementioned, it’s time to write your research paper. You might find this daunting at first glance, but since you already have an outline and your sources, it’s all a matter of putting them together.

To do this, write out your thesis statement, then begin with the first argument you are going to go with. In the paragraphs where you are supporting your thesis, use the sources that you pulled, and quote them directly.

Use a nice, lengthy quote and you will fill space. You have to use proper citation here, but a good quote will give you more word count, and will eventually allow for an easier paper to be written.

Use cause and effect and comparisons to bolster your claims.

Read It Out Loud

Once you’ve written your research paper, you will need to edit it fast! How? Read it out loud. That’s right, read it out loud and use a red pen to mark where things don’t sound right.

Once you’ve done that, edit your paper; then fill out the bibliography, works cited page, and cover page. This can all be done within 60 minutes of your time.

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How to Write an Effective Research Paper in an Hour

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