How to Cram Study for Multiple Final Exams Overnight

College students all over the word fear this more than anything else: the finals creeping up, and they are in no way, shape, or form prepared.

If you’re a student up against multiple exams and you only have one night to cram, how fit all that information into your head with such limited amount of time?

That’s the familiar conundrum that many find themselves in, and it’s not exactly rocket science to figure this out. If you want to cram study, you’ll need a plan, and the following will help you get the most out of one night of studying.

  • Break Down the Time

For starters, you need to know how much time you have. Do you have 10 hours, do you have 8 hours? What time frame are you working with?

Once you know exactly what time frame you are working with, you can segment the hours that you have into study zones and times.

Let’s assume that you had 4 finals in one day, and you had 8 hours of time before the first one. To ensure that you are able to give time to studying the material, you would need to write out the time frames into hour segments. That way you have 2 hours of study time per class.

  • Set Timers and Get Your Highlighter Pen

The best way to approach cramming is to set a timer. This will not only help you get to the information you need to study, but it will help you in regards to the final exam as a whole.

Your final is more than likely going to be timed, so get used to focusing on information within a set time limit? With that in mind, consider giving yourself 1 hour increments of time, and using a highlighter to get the information targeted on that you need to remember. This will help you organize your time, and get the right information in your brain.

  • Write Out Bullet Points

As you study, highlight information within your textbooks, but also write out bullet-points to remember as you go along. The bullet points are going to help you recall information with relative ease, and the highlighting process will help you break up large bricks of text so that you can sum things up.

Educational materials are written with thesis statements and follow up filler. You can cut a lot of clutter out by remembering that. Look for opening and closing arguments within paragraphs and support statements that follow. Highlighting opening lines and segments can help you build bullet points that you can easily recall when test time comes.

There you have it, three specific things you can do to cram for college exam finals in one evening. The thing to remember above all else is to segment your time.

You need to know exactly how long you have to study, and break that up into 1 hour segments with a timer. Within that hour breakdown of studying, give yourself 5 minutes of stoppage to stand up, stretch, and then restart. With 55 minutes, out of every hour you have, you will be able to take on any topic in one night.

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