How to Improve Creative Thinking

Ask any artist, and they would tell you just how difficult being creative can be because sometimes…when they simply can’t paint, draw, or do anything that they are supposed to be good at.

That’s because creativity is rather a complex process that can’t be forced – but allowed. When you are forcing yourself to be creative, that will only lead to frustration

So, when you are trying to think creatively but nothing is popping into your mind, what do you do? How do you proceed?

Well, the following approaches will help improve creative thinking when you need it the most on whatever you are doing.

  • Jog In Place for 10 Minutes

Don’t be surprised by how effective physical exercise can help in bringing forward creativity.

Jogging helps your brain work better from concentrating on movement and letting your endorphins wake up. Your heart will race a bit, and you’ll find that the blood flow will give you a sudden boost throughout your body.

Not only that, you’ll reduce your stress levels and new ideas will start coming into your mind, which is great when in need of creativity.

All this takes is 10 minutes and you’ll reap the benefits of such simple solution.

  • Intentionally Self-Impose Limitations

Some of the world’s best artists and writers have created amazing works all because they were told to limit themselves, for examples, the novelist limiting the word count and the painter limiting colors.

For you, it could be limiting time, space, and more. The goal is to create a box for yourself so that you’re confined to creative endeavors that are only within a specific set of parameters. Why? Because this forces you to find new ways around things, and to conceptualize in a whole new creative manner.

  •  Take a Power Nap

Naps can help you in a lot of different ways. Many people will scoff at the notion of this, but it’s been shown to help with creativity.

If you want immediate progress in the creative department, take a nap. Don’t go over 15 minutes though, because you’ll fall into a much deeper sleep. All you need is something fast and simple, and a 15 minutes in light sleep will allow the brain to rest, and then reset. Basically, it’s like restarting a computer, and your brain is a super computer.

After you’re done with your power nap, you will gain an upper hand in any creative endeavor you currently have.

Test this out and the other options to experience the full freedom of creativity.

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