Do you think you have what it takes to create a worthy challenge to be shared with all your fellow challengers? This is the arena to do so, and you will certainly be credited for it (if you want).


Here are Challenge Self, we welcome all sorts of challenges and suggestions for one to implement to improve oneself.

What are the pending challenge submission criteria?


Rule 1: Must NOT be dangerous or in anyway afflict harm onto oneself or others.

Rule 2: Must carry some weight of benefits to improve oneself physically, mentally, etc.

Rule 3: Must have substantial reasoning backing it or have been proven scientifically.

Rule 4: Must provide simple step-by-step instructions for anybody to be able to follow.

Rule 5: Must be doable involving some applications or exercises for people to try it.

There you have it, the rules of the challenge.

If you have a challenge that falls into this realm, definitely send it in. We would love to see what you have cooking up for all the self-challengers out there.