How to Improve Creativity at Workplace

There’s more to working than just literally doing your job. You have to be good at it! You have to prove to your employer that they made the right decision in hiring you.

Hence, performing at your job is one thing, but being good at it is another. The key to doing that is personal innovative contribution.

Unfortunately, this isn’t very eminent. As a matter of fact, it’s rare in the workforce. Innovation is the lifeblood of majors companies to stay in business for as long as possible. Without innovative employees, any company would become stagnant.

You see that top one employee in your department who you just can’t help but be flabbergasted by. You respect and look up to them for their amazing work, but there’s that envious feeling inside of you that’s waiting to crawl out. Now you don’t really hate this person. On the contrary, you idolize him. You wish you could have just half of their talent.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were as invaluable as they are? If only that were the case, your boss would be giving you that promotion you’ve always wanted because any boss would take notice of an employee who came up with that next big idea.

Creativity – that’s what you need to get back on your high horses, but like so many things in life, that’s something easier said than done. So how exactly does one become creative at work?

If you want to be creative, then you have to nurture a creative self. Obviously, you can just plant a creative seed inside your brain and magically wait for it to sprout. No, if you want to be creative then you have to do the necessary measures that can get you there.

Here are some approaches to help you unleash your creativity at work:

  • Get Visual

It doesn’t matter what type of role you have. What’s more important is that you get those creative juices following, and to do that, you can get visual.

Think about it. You see your co-worker Joe presenting his report in a conference meeting. You do your best to look interested, but in reality, you just can’t wait to get it over with because honestly, it’s darn boring. By the end of the presentation, you clap your hands along with the rest of the team, when you actually didn’t even hear a single word Joe said.

Well, that can also be the case when you’re working. You’re reading a thick page report, hoping that’ll help you with your task at hand, but since you find the entire thing a snooze feast, you don’t seem to bother with what the report was really about but simply gazing over words without getting anything from it.

Whereas if you were incorporating visual aids while brainstorming, you allowed yourself to get creative and would be bound to come up with original ideas.

  • Throw Out the Rule Book

If you do everything by the book, then what are the chances of being creative? Creativity and uniqueness go hand in hand. You can’t be creative without being unique.

You have to experiment. Don’t just adhere to the rule book. Bend it.

Know the difference between breaking the rules and bending them. Breaking it means you’re doing things you shouldn’t be doing, but when you bend the rules it means you’re doing the right thing in a completely different way.

  • Take Mental Breaks

The body isn’t the only thing that gets tired. The brain does too. Pushing your brain beyond its limitations can bring counterproductive result.

Even if you come up with a brilliant idea, it’s not going to be much help if your head is drained and just end up making careless mistakes. The worst part is since you’re really tired, you won’t even notice the mistakes and errors.

We all know that in order for something to perform properly it has to be taken care of. It’s quite the same when it comes to our mental capacities.

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