How to Improve Productivity at Work

Procrastination is a tough beast to slay. Countless folks are wrestling with it from day to day, and it’s not exactly something that you can overcome without a little bit of help. The solution? Productivity is the key.

Being productive and getting more done in  shorter time span can seem like a complex mess, but it’s not impossible. In fact, you could find yourself in a whole new frame of mind if you just focus on a few critical changes in your daily routine.

  • Write Out “To Do Lists”

The first thing that you need to start doing is creating “to do lists.” These are lists that will have all the things that you need to get done for any specific day.

Set this up every morning, and assign the amount of hours you have. Everyone is given 24 hours a day to work with, and how you separate them is entirely up to you.

By writing things out, you will have a visualization of what you need to go through in order to accomplish the day.

  • Segment Your Hours

Let’s say that you work 9 to 5. Take the time to list out each hour and then apply a small task to each one. At the end of the time, you should have 8 things done, and they should be done towards the completion of a larger goal.

Whether you need to work on a larger project or not, segmenting your hours is going to help you divide your time, and get more done.

  • Double Up

Here’s where you kick things into high gear, and it’s simple – double up. By this point you will have your time segmented out and have a list of tasks to do for your day. Now, do two or three things in an hour’s span, and multiply that until you are maxing out your 8 hours.

When done right, you will certainly get more done faster, as well as have additional time for yourself at the end of the day.

If you still have self-doubt, utilize any time management tool that can sound an alarm at different points of your day. For instance, your could program your phone as an alarm or set timeline online to stay on task. By adopting such time management tools, you can maximize your productivity today!

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