CHALLENGE: Why You Should Take Cold Showers

Ah, the pleasant and relaxing feeling of warm water splashing down your body, who doesn’t love a nice hot shower? Yet, have you ever thought about cold showers?

Very few would ever admit they would enjoy the icy-cold blast that comes from their bathroom ritual. But that’s starting to change.

The reason being is simple, there are a lot of benefits to taking a cold shower over a hot one. Yes, this may all sound crazy at first, but these are advantages you should definitely explore.

  • Wake Up the Body

The first major thing that you’ll realize about cold showers is that it can suddenly jolt your system to wake up.

If you’re tired in the morning, the temperature can actually cause a spike for your senses. This spike is going to allow for circulation of blood throughout the body, and that alone will wake up your body and mind. The physical coldness that hits the body helps with oxygen intake, and overall blood flow.

  • Tighten Up Skin Cells

One of the many reasons why experts suggest that you take cold showers is to help your skin. Skin cells that are exposed to cold water contract, tighten, and edge out dirt in the pores. On the other hand, hot showers can actually open up pores to debris and more. It can cause dryness to come in after the fact. Cold showers help prevent elements from the dermal tissue to drop out which can result in certain issues.

In regards to hair care, cold showers can strengthen and even increase durability within the scalp. It can help with blood flow to follicles and create youthful nails, hair, and more.

  • Helps with Weight Loss

The frigid temperatures of cold showers helped those who take them lose weight much faster. The reason being is that cold weather causes the body to burn more fat cells in order to maintain temperature regulation.

Of course, there are limits to this, but in the average home, a person who takes a cold shower is not “freezing” as they would in the tundra. Instead, the energy levels of the body rise to meet the demands that the cold pushes, burning fat cells in the process.

  • Recover from Exercise

Did you know professional athletes take ice baths a great deal? The reason for this is to help with muscle recovery. Your muscles can become sore, and tight after exercise, especially if you are training hard.

With the ice, numbness can help with alleviating that stress to the muscles, and can actually help with circulation in the body. The temperature drop can help with regulating circulation and assist with recovery within as little as 20 minutes.

Cold showers have a lot of benefits that start with physiological changes, and even mental health improvements, and the studies are still ongoing regarding other aspects to how cold showers can help the body, including relieving depression, stress, and much more.

Even though a cold shower may seem like a torture initially, your body adapts to it within moments, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

That’s exactly what we will be challenging you today, especially if you’re on the fence about this whole notion.


We challenge you to turn the water to COLD the next time you take a shower.

Simply get in, and get out as quickly as you can (which you probably will anyway if this is your first time). The initial shock will get your adrenaline up to just want to hurry it up and get out of there.

The benefits of cold shower over hot shower are already mentioned prior, but to sum up:

Hot Shower relaxes you.

  • Hot shower makes you feel great but its effect is temporary, because soon you’ll possibly feel like you want to go to sleep from being too relaxed (or for some folks even tired like a mid-summer hot afternoon.

Cold Shower energizes you.

  • A quick bolt cold shower is a jolt to your system that energizes your mind and awareness more for throughout the day.

As challenging as it may be, take cold showers in the morning; you’ll notice the difference. And take normal hot shower at night to relax for bedtime.

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